Monday, 3 November 2014

More art for the masses featuring Horace Peter St. Cyr

I'm sorry for the very long hiatus for contributing to this blog. I will detail in a later post what has happened in the past year. Right now, I am here to discuss the work of Trinidadian artist Horace Peter St. Cyr.

St. Cyr began his art career as a child using mediums that were available to him such as toothpaste, brown polish and charcoal. From these modest beginnings, St. Cyr continued to develop his talents and eventually attended the John Donaldson Technical Institute for two years. While attending the school, St. Cyr began to use Acrylics as his primary medium. Currently, St. Cyr is based in St. Croix.

courtesy of the website Caribbean Paintings

His work Limbo N Backyard effectively uses the richness of Acrylic paint to highlight the color and vibrancy of this work. The painting has a number of different scenes that combine to show the culture of the Caribbean and a historical view of the day-to-day activities of its people.

The foreground of the painting features people dancing and moving around a limbo stick. In the far left corner, there are two men beating a set of drums. In the middle, there is one man that just finished going under the Limbo stick and a woman bending her back and moving underneath the stick.

The middleground features people behind the Limbo stick with two more drummers and  female dancers waiting in-line. The figures are in movement with the viewer seeing the figures turning and moving to the drummers.

The background displays a sudden shift in tone with a raised house with one figure waving a sheet outside and the other figure sitting back. A lone white cat sits on the stairs. The house has its windows open and the viewer can look inside of the house. Further into the distance, there is a wooden structure lined with straw with three walls and an open entrance.

The painting is bathed with bright, saturated colour that is thickly applied on the canvas. The painting features a variety of trees that frame the numerous scenes in this painting.

The different themes in this painting provide a glimpse into life in the Caribbean. The viewer sees the images of dancing and music in the foreground and middle ground. In the midst of the dancing and fun, the viewer sees the domestic life of Caribbean with the house work conducted with the hanging of the laundry and the open windows into the raised home. In the far distance, a staple is opened up and suggests that this must be a farm with the animals grazing outside. St.Cyr gives the viewer a glimpse into the lives of the Caribbean people.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


I apologize for the long wait for a post but work and family obligations have slowed down my production. You will see a posting for the Luxe box that I just received.

Monday, 23 September 2013

August 2013-last box from BuluBox

This was my last box from Bulu. I'm sad to see it end but it has to make financial sense to send these samples. Here are the contents of the Box.

The box contained a sample of Manitoba Hemp hearts, a hemp product that boosts the nutritional value of food. I'm intrigued by the product and will look forward to eating with oatmeal or add to a smoothie. The next item is Raw Protein Organic Protein Powder. I liked the chai flavour but the texture was gritty and coarse. The box included a sample Urgent Rx Ache & Pain Relief To-Go. I will save this for next-day workout pain. A bottle of Tranquility Kare offers relaxation and promotes well-being. The sample is small and my biggest worry is staying awake not falling asleep. But the pills couldn't hurt. The most ridiculous item in the box was a sample from New Body Passion Tone. The pills promise 'enhanced' sexual pleasure. I want nothing to do with these pills but I'm afraid to throw them away. If anyone wants them, please contact me.

This is my last box from Bulu. This box was meh. Out of the three boxes I got, my favorite item was the GU Chomps. But I'm fine with the subscription ending since it was getting too expensive to maintain all the boxes.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Topbox July 2013 Box

Topbox has never disappointed me....yet. This month included an Avon Mega Effects mascara, a Ferro Cosmetics Cheeks, Lips and Eye Shadow in the shade X3, Belvada Cosmetics Tweezers and a sample size of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+.

I wasn't wild about getting an Avon sample, but when I looked at the unique and unusual applicator, I viewed it as a great addition. I found out the the mascara alone was $12, which more than pays for the package. I don't know very much about Ferro cosmetics but the colour is a shimmery berry shade. I'm willing to try it. I leave the tweezing of my eyebrows to the professionals but having a sturdy metal set of tweezers is always a plus. I like Clinique and any face cream samples is perfect for me to stash away for a later date.

Topbox is definitely worth it for $12 and I look forward each month for my cardboard tube. Now if they can glue the label properly, then it would be the perfect sub box.

Beauty Box 5 August 2013 Box

The Beauty Box 5 August box came a lot sooner that I thought. This is improvement from the previous months of 3-week delays. This month included Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow in shade Always a Bridesmaid, a Swissco Nail File, Bask Heavenly Silk Daily Skin Lotion, H2O Plus Aquafirm+Micro-Collagen Moisturizer and Nubar Nail Lacquer in White Tip.

I'm not found of Be a Bombshell since I got that silly colour of sugar lips. This particular eye shadow looks more like a bright blush. I will keep this aside and hope to incorporate this shade in my other eye shadows. This Swissco nail file is nothing special and looks like it came from a dollar store. Bask Heavenly cream had a light, pleasant smell. I hoard hand creams like crazy cat ladies hoard cats. I will add this to the collection. This is the second H2O cream I have recieved. I like face creams and the more, the merrier. I don't wear nail polish but a white nail polish might be fun for my sister.

This is coming to the end of my three-month subscription to BB5. I like the box but not as much as Topbox and Loose Button. I may have to cancel it since financially it is too much to keep all these subscriptions. But it is a nice entry-level box.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wantable Jewelry August 2013 Box

I was prepared to give up on the Wantable Jewlery box after the notorious June box. The box was so bad that I didn't take any pictures of it and I sent it back for a refund. This box was a vast improvement.
My box included three items; the Gretchen Necklace, a large multi-toned pendant; the Silver-tone Sidney Watch; and a thin metal bracelet with the infinity symbol.

These three items were a vast improvement over my last box. The Gretchen necklace is the right length with the huge pendant in the middle. It has a 70's vibe that can be paired with a solid-coloured blouse/shirt/dress. I'm one of the rare people that like watches and I already own two other metal watches. The Sidney watch is another member of the watch collection. Finally, I wasn't entirely wild about the infinity necklace since I like chunkier styles but the symbol is understated and elegant for any type of outfit.
According to the insert that came with the box, the value of three items is $72. The key to getting the items you want from the Wantable Jewelry box is specifying in minute detail your loves, likes and dislikes. I'm not sure if I will order next month since this can become an expensive habit.

Beauty Box 5 July 2013 Box

This is my second Beauty Box 5 package. The box contained an Every Beauty Foot Smoother, Jean Pierre Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover Wipes, Be A bombshell Lip Gloss in Sugar Lips, La Fresh Travel lite Antibacterial Wipes and H2O Plus Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.
The foot smoother is unique combination of a pink sponge with a sandpaper surface. This will definitely get some use when I'm too cheap to pay for a pedicure. The nail polish wipes are convenient and I'll use them to remove old nail polish from my pedicure. The antibacterial wipes will be handy for travelling or just an outing on the TTC (why do I need to take a shower after taking the Yonge-University Line?). The H20 Plus will get some use since I love any facial cream samples. If I ever get into a situation where I can't afford to buy the full-sized cream, I can always dip into my stash of facial cream samples. I left the least desired product for last. The bombshell lip gloss in sugar lips was too light and frosty. If I could, I would trade it away but I see this given away to someone else. The inclusion of bad lip colors is my pet peeve of beauty boxes.
The entire package is a great value for $10 and I'm not sure if I will continue with Beauty Box Five. I like the price but it takes too long for the boxes to get here.